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When in Goa, Visit these Un-Explored Places without Fail

Hello Fellow Travelers,
Welcome to the PlacesAroundPune with a new list of Unexplored places to visit around Pune.
During my Workation at South Goa, we explored a few places which generally people don't visit when they land in Goa, because their primary focus is on beaches.
Here is the list of places people can visit and explore when in Goa!
1) Netravali National Park: this is well maintained and secluded national park, just situated at 35km from South Goa. Route goes through 2 other national parks , so Drive to this place is just mind blowing. No Crowd, Green Canopy roads, cool breeze ( not Goa Humid one) and at the end, a well-nurtured national park, a perfect place for a half day visit.
There is an entry fee of 20/- per person for the national park. You can drive your vehicle inside till Parking place.
Major attraction inside national park :
       1) Savari waterfall, known as Mini Dudhsagar water, this is situated inside the jungle and can be reached with just 35 mins of trail walk. The surrounding waterfall is also very beautiful.
       2) Ravana Hill, a historical place associated with Ramayana. you can drive till this place. Views are beautiful, but if you are coming from Sahyadri or western ghat, then it wont fascinate you.
       3) Mainapi waterfall, this is another beautiful waterfall in the middle of the jungle. we couldn't visit this due to time constraint. It takes 2 hrs of trail walk to reach this place. so, if you have approx 5 hrs of time , then you must visit this place.
2) Netravali Budbud LakeAnother Unique place to visit.
Clap and the lake bubbles are the famous legends associated with this tiny lake. That actually looks like a small temple pond with a structure standing in the middle of it. It is the Bubble Lake of Goa, locally called as Budbudi Tal or Budbudi Tal Visually the bubbles look beautiful when they pop up and create concentric circles through the ripples they cause. The lake can keep your eyes engaged for a long time as you keep looking for the next bubble spot. You can also create bubbles by jumping on the stones around the lake or by clapping. Basically, anything that leads to vibrations in the lake.
3) Sadolxem waterfall: Sadolxem waterfall is just 10km from famous Pelolem beach. another beauitiful waterfall to dive into. just 20 mins of walk from parking place takes you to this beautiful place. Swimming and diving in this waterfall is allowed and fun. On the way to this waterfall, you come across very unique Sadolxem Bridge. just 4 mtr wide bridge , at a time only 1 car can pass!  
4) Yana Caves: Yana Caves comes under Karnataka, 50Km from Karwar beach and 75KM from South Goa.
This unique cave has historical importance as well as geological connection as well. History is related to Shiva and Bhasmasura devil. There is a shiva temple situated at the base of main Cave. a beautiful 35 mins of pradakshina route exists around the temple and through the caves, where we realize how small we are in front of nature.
Road to reach this place is beautiful, but the last 5-7km of ghat is in bad shape. a bad route, stiff uphill and narrow road tests your actual driving skills.
5) Cabo de Rama Fort:  A beach Fort, just 10 Km from Agonda beach, is just the perfect place to witness sunset. being not known to many people, this fort provides a very peaceful time and great sunset views.  along with this, you can visit COLA beach as well, which is another secluded beach in South Goa.
Go, Travel and Explore and UnExplored with 'PlacesAroundPune'.
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