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Goradeshwar Temple and Caves

Cycling to Goradeshwar Temple

  • https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.638362962937022.1073741909.399846533455334&type=3
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Ramdara Temple

Cycling to Ramdara Temple

  • Ramdara-Loni Kalbhor Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 412201
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Tulapur Triveni Sangam

Cycling to TulaPur RiverSide

  • Triveni Sangam, Pune, Maharashtra 412216
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Devghali Beach, Kasheli

Devghali beach, Kasheli, a hidden travel destination offering stunning scenic views located in Kasheli, Ratnagiri.

  • Ratnagiri
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Situated in Nagpur region, this is one of the unexplored, though beautiful Hillstation.

  • Nagpur, MH
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In the area of Aurangabaad, this HIllstation is picking up during monsoon nowadays.

  • Aurangabaad, MH
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Amba Ghat

known as Land of Waterfall.

  • Amba, Ratnagiri
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Situated on Maharashtra-Goa Highway, this is relaxed destination

  • Amboli
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A Famous destination for Mumbai and Pune people. Dense forests, waterfalls, dam alongside lakes, View Points are Major attractions of it.

  • Lonavala
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Mahabaleshwar, famous Hill station among all travellers, Tourists. NO Age, Interest, bar limitation for the love towards this place.

  • Mahabaleshwar
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between Mumbai and Nashik, Gem of Place with less crowd, unexplored and scenic beauty.

  • Jawhar
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Matheran, a Jungle Hill station , doesn not require any introduction among the Travelers in MH. An eco-friendly cutest little hill station of India.

  • Matheran
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Pawas Beach

Pawas Beach, near Ganeshgule is known for its no-Crowd beach. a perfect place, beautiful views, white sand beach

  • Pawas
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Aare Waare Beach

Aare Waare Beach is another beautiful Dual beach, due to its geographic location

  • Aare Waare
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Karde Beach

Karde Beach, located near Dapoli Beach is secluded and Long-Wide Beach.

  • karde, Dapoli
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Koyna wild Life

Koyna is known for its dense forest and active waterfalls & wild life.

  • Koyna
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Dajipur WildLife

Dajipur wild life, near Karad is beatiful Wild life and ideal place for Wild life Photographers.

  • Dajipur
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Kerle waterfall, Amba

Ambaghat is known as land of waterfall. Ambaghat is known for Heaviest rain in the state, and so, it gives you a series of waterfalls where you can enjoy Monsoon time.

  • Ambaghat
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Dudhiware waterfall, Kamshet.

Dudhiware is a special Dual waterfall as seen in picture. it runs as separate 2 streams and it is easy accessible from Main road.

  • Kamshet
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Madheghat waterfall

Madheghat waterfall is seasonal , but huge waterfall, situated in the reason of Torna Road.

  • Madheghat
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Amritkund Waterfall (A.k.a. Bendewadi Waterfall)

Amritkund Waterfall in the region of Talegao, is special waterfall because of it easily access and naturally carved water stream.

  • Khandi
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Daryaghat waterfall

Daryaghat waterfall, Junnar is one of the finest location near Pune. not only for its waterfall, but for its Route till base is also wonderful.

  • Junnar
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