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Explore these Places Around Pune before they become famous and Crowded.

Hello Fellow Travelers,
Welcome to the PlacesAroundPune with a new list of Unexplored places to visit around Pune.
Are you looking for some less crowded, lesser known places nearby Pune of 1 hr travel? Here is the list of the same. you should visit them before they become famous and crowded. Go for it.
1) Dhawalgadh Fort: Situated at just 40km of Distance from Pune, this place is Gem for travelers. Literally not known to anyone, this place offers great peace of mind, meditation or Me time. from Top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lush green Fields, Rolling hills and water bodies. the famous Dhawaleshwar temple is situated on top. There are two ways to reach the top.
  • Via Ambarle village which leads Directly to the fort.
  • Via Dalimb village where you have to park your vehicle and climb the route via a trek of 1 hr.
2) Bhamchandra Caves: another spot at 45km from Pune near Dehu road makes to this list. This is an ancient place with history attached to it. As the name suggests, there are 6 caves present on this hill. from parking place, it takes an easy 35-45 mins of walk to take you to these beautiful caves.
3) Garade Dam: if you like to spend time near water and witness sunset with rays reflecting over the water body, then this place is made for you. Just 35km from Pune, this place provides everything one traveler expects. peaceful place, chirping birds around, picture-square view, a perfect photogenic spot to spend time. this Garade dam being out of main road, very less people know about it. There was a time when we local authorities thought to start boating at this place, but being a lesser known place, that idea didn't fly. Drive route till that place is also very beautiful.
4) Bhama River and Forest: just 35km from Pune, this dense and unexplored forest route is another charming place for travel lovers. a dense jungle of 3km, provides a beautiful ride to this place. The jungle route ends at bhama river and the beautiful bridge over the river provides good view and relaxation time. We went there by bicycle and it made our ride perfect. Route we suggest: Pune - lonikand - burkenGao - Bhama River forest. a well-defined path through the jungle exists for two wheelers. Don't forget to start your camera on video mode to capture this beautiful place.
5) Bhama Asked dam: this place is 50km from Pune, but being on bit internal side, it is not very famous , so very few people know about it. well connected with Dehu road, this Dam offers a good drive and leads to this perfect place to spend morning time. no food or eatery available around the dam.
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  1. Posted by Sonali | 12 Feb 2021 12:24:PM

    Can't see garade dam on Google search. Please help me with the details. Thank you

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