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4 Ultimate High-Altitude Lakes Of India

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‘Mountain and Lake’ are the best combination to witness the beauty in the lapse of Nature. High altitude lakes surrounded by mountains, gives a fee like – Lakes have been protected by mountains since years. And due to this, these high altitude lakes are pristine, crystal clean and serene example of beauty.
Reflection of Himalaya during morning, a setting sun during evening and calm and still water during night, a same lake gives all time pleasure to the soul.
With more than 11 Himalayan treks, I could visit many High altitude lakes hidden in Snow-capped Mountains. I wish to enlist few best of them. Here are the list of Beautiful Lakes which are accessible only with Trekking.

1) Roopkund Lake (Lake of Skeleton).

Altutude : 15,500ft from MSL.
Region : CHamoli, Uttarakhand.
Roopkund Lake, This lake was once a famous Himalayan trek amount all the trekkers. Reason for this, 6 days trek offers different views each day. After trek of 32km and 5 days, On final summit day. We climb upto this Hidden Lake of Roopkund. It is Also Known As Skeleton Lake as many hundred years old skeletons of human are found near this lake. 
This lake has so many historical and mythological stories with it. Also, for the point of Skeleton, different stories are attached to it. BUT, of all, its natural beauty cannot be missed. 
We would visit this lake in 2015 September. Lake is deep surrounded by mountains on all 3 sides, which helps to generate big echo of any voice, because of which, it is known as ‘Goonj Lake’. 

2) Gadsar Lake.

Altutude : 13,500ft from MSL.
Region : Sonmarg, Kashmir.
A hidden gem of Kashmir! A paradise for trekkers.
Gadsar lake, as part of ‘Kashmir Great Lakes’, is visited on 3rd day trek schedule. To its name, Gadsar meaning lake of fish, the tourism place is acclaimed to be one of the finest fishing spots in Kashmir.
This is another master of almighty in the creation of Kashmir. After crossing scary looked Gadsar pass( Name of this pass is derived from the Lake itself), around 1hr walk will take you to Gadsar lake. First glimpse of this lake refreshes you and you forget all tiredness of Gadsar Pass, like this lake itself is filling extra energy to your body.
The surreal landscape is perfect for soul searching. A peaceful location, sound of wind, plays like a flute while passing through mountains, flora of variety of flowers and non-civilized atmosphere is perfect for Meditation.
We could visit this lake in 2017 Aug. 

3) Bekaltaal (Uttarakhand)

Altutude : 10,000ft from MSL.
Region : Chamoli, Uttarakhand.
This is another lake which is lesser known, and can be reached via trekking only. Though lake is smaller in terms of diameter, but its beauty is not less than any other famous lake. 
Surrounded by mountains and Jungles, this pristine lake exists. A small temple near the lake, a narrow pass to reach the spot, everything is placed so perfectly to make a good and ideal frame. Bekaltal can be reached via Bekaltaal campsite. Just 10 mins walk from this campsite leads to this perfect and picture-square location.
During our visit to this place in Dec end 2019, lake was completely frozen. Path to this lake was also full of snow-slide. But once we reached near the lake, it was like white paradise of the season. Floating icebergs can be seen.

4) ChandraTaal (Himachal)

Altutude : 15,500ft from MSL.
Region : Spiti, Himachal.
This lake is very famous among the People travelling to Spiti. Till this place no lesser than any treks. Complete off-road, single lane (only 1 vehicle can pass) till parking, makes this place into the list adventure-seeing people.
From Parking, it is just 30 mins walk to the main lake. But once you reach this lake, its super heaven there. Turquoise green lake water, brown mountain layer and clean blue sky, this makes a perfect sight to the eye.  Even hours are not sufficient to spend time there and capture this moments in your eyes.
From this point, another small unnamed lake is also seen. 

SO, how Many places out of these you have visited?

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