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My First Himalayan Trek Experience- Deo-Tibba -2019

“Go where you feel most alive.”

I had taken a long time to write this experience but finally, I have completed this because of this Lockdown and Jay Motivated me again.
In Feb 2019 when I had completed one of the difficult treks in Maharashtra- Shadow of the valley that time only Jay(Trek organizer & Guide) told Nisha you should join us for our next Himalayan trek ‘Deo-Tibba’ because he thought that time I was ready now to start Himalayan Trek. I was happy that time when he said to me and I asked many questions about this trek and after that, I had googled about this trek and finally decided to go.
As per Jay’s instructions we had completed all our packing, for this trek we had done a lot of shopping like Bag packs, Shoes, Stick, gloves, etc. 
We needed to reach the Manali 1 day before the trek start so our body also adjusts with new temp and also we needed rest before starting the trek. When we were reached in the Manali early morning climate was good and cool. I went into flashback my Kashmir, Leh-Ladakh & Uttrakhand trips and again I was in the middle of the mountains and glaciers, you can’t imagine also how happy I was. Honestly speaking was not good before 2 days going to this trek because of fever and Omitting but anyway I want to go this trek so I told the Doctor please give me the Injection and the medicine whatever you want but I need to go but when I reached the Manali I hadn’t taken single medicine, because when I saw the Mountains an all I had charged and no medicine required.
After dinner on 12th Aug-19 Jay had given a lot of instructions about trek and bag pack And that time we had introduced ourselves to the other trekkers and all were really funny and nice, so before went to bed, we again unpacked our bags and again packed as per his instructions.
13th Aug, 2019
And the day began with Bed tea and then breakfast and 2-3 photos ;). We needed to travel to the ‘Jagatsukh’ point which was 12km far from the Manali and when we reached this point Raining was started slowly so we pulled out our raining jacket and stick and started following our guide.
Finally, my first Himalayan trek was started with good weather but after 10 to 15 mins the weather condition changed and heavy rainfall started, At that time we were in Jungle only so we saw many water streams and crossed also so our shoes & socks got wet. But thank god that we only needed to covered 3km because it was the first day. Around 2 PM our first-day trek was finished and the campsite was really beautiful. You can see in the below pictures, I felt like I was in Heaven. All views were mesmerizing. That time we were around 10.5k feet altitude and place is Chikka.
Then Jay allocated Tent to everyone so we changed our clothes and came for snacks. We were 3 in my tent- me, Suraj & Gayatri. Raining was not stopped yet and I listened to Jay’s voice when he speaking to other Trekking team member that if this raining not stopped then we will not able to proceed tomorrow because now onwards lot of river crossings we need to face so if raining will not stop then Streams flow increase and it will be difficult to cross so we can’t take the risk when I heard this I shocked and not felt good so I started praying God please help us we all want to do this trek at any cost.  Then we had soup, Maggie then tea and all were tasty then after chitchatting we started playing Cards till 7 PM then we had yummy dinner, still raining I also thought the same at that time we will not able to go ahead, we need to go back. Then all went to their tent and sleep into the sleeping bag but my mood was not good because I don’t want to go back without completing this trek again I Prayed and slept finally.
14th Aug, 2019
In the morning around 6.30 AM, I had listened Jay's voice and he was saying weather was quite clear so guys hurry up we needed to proceed.Yepiiiiiii I was on cloud 9 that time and completed all packing, breakfast and all and ready to proceed. Today we had cover around 10km and reach to ‘Seri’ at altitude 12k ft. So we started walking, I was enjoying surrounding, rainy weather, sometimes we were crossing clouds, fog, glaciers, rivers, many streams and different colors of flowers, then the sudden appearance of beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and a big grassy ground is breathtaking in its beauty.
After 2.30 PM everyone tired and started asking 'Jay when our Campsite will come?' and as usual Jay’s answered ‘Little bit more’ now no one was believing on him but we didn’t have any other choice, then one of our the friend said Please send 1 Helicopter and lift me and all started laughing. When our trek started from that time onwards our mobile was not having a network so you were not able to call anyone.
Then again Jay motivated ‘let’s go, guys, only 200 to 300 meters need to walk, common start walking’. Then again we started walking but after some time only Suraj, Rahul and Kshitij also very tired so again they started taking rest then me and Avi started clicking photos and after 5 mins again we started and finally around 4 PM when we reached campsite that time I completely forgot about my leg pain and everything because of view when I saw waterfall between 2 mountains then streams, fog, sky and glacier and our campsite in 1 picture wow, what else you want in your life I thought that time!!!!!
Me and Avi shouted and took many pictures and videos that time then Jay called for snacks and tea. Then me and Suraj also took many photos, was really happy that time. 
“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”
15th Aug, 2019
Happy Independence Day!!!!
With the same routine freshen up, tea, breakfast and with some instructions, we started our today's trek around 8.30 AM. Today we needed to reach Deo-Tibba Base camp & Mini-Chandratal Lake and then again need to come back to the same campsite.
Today we need to reach around 14640 feet so today's trek was more inclined and when we will go above and above then the Oxygen level will be decrease so we need to drink water continuously.
When we started then time weather was good not that much cold. After some walking first long river, we needed to cross and that river was waist deep for all but for me, it was around to my neck because my height, cold freezing, and ice melted water so imagine how was the condition. Then we made the chain and crossed the river with teamwork. After crossing the long river the first time my whole body was numb then Jay asked everyone don’t seat in one place please start walking else you will not able to walk because of the numb body. Like this, we crossed 1 more river and reached the Base camp of Deo-Tibba but we want to reach ‘Mini-Chandratal’ so again we started walking, My total experience was good and everyone praising me so I felt good that time, Out of 3 guides 1 was not ready to go till Mini-Chandratal Lake but Jay wants to go there, at least he thought we will try then some trekker was not able to walk so they decided to wait there only but we 5-6 trekkers want to go till the end and I was one of them. Jay also having believe that I will able to complete so he said common Nisha we will do it. And we started and we were there after 2 hours walk means around 1 PM we were at Mini Chandratal Lake. And I reached then Jay hugged me and said ‘Nisha I told you- It’s all in Our Mind, Trek is about more mentally than physically’ because many thoughts I will not able to complete because of my physical condition but I had completed and It was Proud moment for me. Then we sang National Anthem with our Flag proudly and when we shouted at that time we saw Landslide also. Finally, we made the summit and started returning with a lot of photographs and memories. 
“May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.”
Again we need to cross the river 2 times, 1st we crossed but when we were at 2nd point to cross the river that time flow increased because of raining means river flow was strong, everyone was scared but we need to cross the river so again made chain and started crossing the river but because of strong flow some of us lost the balance specially me because of height I was floating on river, Suraj and one of our guide held my hand strongly and started pulling me towards them and finally I came out of the river and Everyone was like ‘How is Nisha?’, Suraj was scared a lot when I said I am totally fine then he felt good. Then we reached our Campsite happily and ate ‘Pakoda with Tea’. We all drunk the tea around 3 times then we felt alive, then we discussed all whole day experience and then Jay and Pooja distributed medal to everyone when my number came that Jay said- ‘on 12th Aug when we reached the Manali Hotel that time Jay’s friends asked him why he was allowed me to do this trek because they thought I was not able to do this trek but Jay told them I know she will complete this trek because mentally she is strong’. Then everyone said ‘Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka’ and started clapping, I got the Goosebumps, That moment I will never forget in my life.
Thank you so much, Jay, for believing & motivating me.
16th and 17th Aug, 2019
We had started our return journey with the same route from where we came, this time all were very quick. In last day we were about to reach the ‘Jagthsukh’ but suddenly some insect bites in my head and it was paining like a hell, till the endpoint I didn’t tell to anyone but in the end, I told to Pooja then she saw and she told me some area was swelled asked me to be calm and keep patience, no need to worry after some time you will feel good.
In these 5 days we enjoyed Himalayan beauty without single electronic device voice, no one’s phone ringing, no vehicle, no horns, and no office call. These days we all became really good friends and still, we all are in touch. 
Thank you each one of you for all beautiful memories.
Some photographs:



“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.”
- Nisha Doshi


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