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Kerle waterfall, Amba

Ambaghat is known as land of waterfall. Ambaghat is known for Heaviest rain in the state, and so, it gives you a series of waterfalls where you can enjoy Monsoon time.


 Kerle waterfall is my favourite one. 1.5km away from the main road, in the dense jungle, waterfall is accessible via small trail. being less known and offbeat, this waterfall is completely isolated from crowd and you can witness perfect waterfall moments.  before reaching waterfall, you can see complete 360 degree lush green surroundings.
Also, 23km from Ambaghat is another Famous Marleshwar Temple and waterfall. this place is rich in history and aorund 1000 steps to be climbed to reach temple. Entry to this waterfall is restricted during monsoon, but glimpse of waterfall from far distance is also pleasant. even, ride from Ambaghat to marleshwar is also another attraction as route goes through green farms, river side and rular area.
Distance : 230km from Pune.
Stay : multiple options for stay available.



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