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6 Reasons why you should go for Himalayan trek?

You love trekking, travelling?

Are you fitness freak person?

Do you love to explore and visit new places around the world?

YES, then have you got an opportunity to visit the most beautiful place on earth – THE HIMALAYAS!!!!??

NO, then its high time you should take a break and go on your Himalaya trek.

1) ‘Explore the UnExplored’ and natural beauty

Out of our concrete buildings and Jungles, you will be able to explore natural beauty and unexplored routes of Himalayas. You will appreciate the creation of biggest architecture – Almighty.

2) Coming out of comfort zone

Going to Himalayas, where you need to leave all your comforts at home. No bed to sleep but tent And mattress , no mineral water but flowing water stream, no Bath or Brush, no CCD Coffee, but instead simple hot tea, no Rajbhog food, but simple soup, you will learn to be adjustable and flexible according to the nature and environment conditions.

3) Start appreciating small small things

When you drop by in a lonely, but peaceful place where no phone call from your office, No Internet, only silent hills, flowing water, small kids playing around, this is real place to discover yourself and one will feel happy and satisfied for whatever one has.

4) Meet, indulge and explore local culture, people, Food, traditions

Meeting local people, sometime staying in their home (if home stay is rented), understanding their culture, lifestyle, traditions, their food, will make you and your travel rich in experience.

5) Endurance and challenge yourself

With 8-10 Kg backpack on our bag, on height of 10,000 feet, how do you feel when you need to climb few more mountains and reach till altitude of 15,000 feet? Feeling tired, ah? That’s how we can challenge our body. Its game between our body and mind. Such race will not only makes you stronger physically, but also mentally. Just imagine the feeling when reaching on top and taking a relaxing breathe. Despite of all Tiredness, just one camera focus and you will feel all recharged for click and up for next journey. :)

6) I Can’t, But WE CAN!!!:

  • When on Trek, no one is “you” or “me”, it always “we”.
  • Sharing, caring, helping, achieving.
  • Moving ahead as team, co-operating as a team, sacrificing and achieving the summit together gives victorious and glorious feeling.
  • It feels great when we complete the trek successfully, but it feels best when our group achieves it together.



  1. Posted by Kirti| 12 Apr 2020 09:54:AM

    My next destination for sure :)

  2. Posted by Nisha| 12 Apr 2020 01:45:AM

    Awesome blog Jay

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