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5 Best Travel Experiences we always Cherish- Part 1

In my 7 years of Travelling and visiting more than 150 Places, Here are my few unforgettable and cherishable travel experiences from the list.
1) Hailstorm at Zach Pass during KGL Trek:
During our Trek of 'Kashmir Great Lakes' in 2017, it was 6th day of our trek. as per itinerary, It was considered relatively Easy day. But God had some other plan for us in his directory. 
We started our trek from Satsar Lake around 9.00AM and we were expecting to reach top of Zach pass in around 2 hrs. but, just before 15 mins of Reaching Zach pass, it started slow raining , which turned into Romantic snow fall. We geared up with snow protaction and continued walking. by the time we reached top and were waiting for fellow trekkers to come, Romantic snow fall (seen in Shahrukh khan movie) turned into Scary hailstorm. 
Now, we had to climb down to reach our next campsite - Nandkul. All surface turned into white chadar. Hailstorm snow ball size was considerable bigger. we were not able to see anything under it even through our glasses. unfortunately, I lost my one glove, but it was becoming impossible to to pick walking stick by one hand. Meanwhile, our Yaks carring our luggage just crossed our path. due to which, surface became very sleepary. We were 6 people walking toghether, out of which 4 had first time walking on snow experience.
With supporting each other, it took 3.5 hrs for us to reach campsite. Hot tea and maggi was Waiting to welcome us in this cold weather. Tea, Maggi , Harmukh Peak in one frame. a lifetime experience! :)
2) Sunset at Sandakphu Peak:
During Christmas Time of 2015, we took trek to Sandakphu in west bengal and sikkim border. Trek is not so interesting as Trek route and vehicle route goes in parallel till the summit( seriously. :) )
It was our 3rd of trek when we reached summit. As per our tradition, We did national anthem at summit and after having quick tea, we moved towards our campsite.
It was beautiful campsite of Sandakphu. endless open rollin hills, windchill cutting through, we were just enjoying evening view here with our cup of tea. around 3.30PM, sun started setting down, sky started changing its colors and we could see horizon clearly. first time in my life, I witnessed 7 colored layers of sky that evening. a pin drop silence in valley, a orange setting sun turning in red slowly, a wind passing by, and rainbow painted in the sky. a lucky to witness such experience! NO other place can give such experience.
3) River crossing during Deo tibba Trek: 
In 2019 August, we were on our trek to Deo Tibba base camp. It was monsoon time and Rain was a regular schedule that time. from the 1st day itself, it was raining hard. During our entire trek of 6 days, we had to cross flowing river for 7 times. out of which, 4  times on summit day while going from Tantra to summit. 
It was weist deep , cold freezing, ice melted and flowing water. first time, we thought to remove our trekking shoes to save it from getting wet. but cold water made our feet numb and so, we thought to cross all rivers in shoes only. Current of river was so strong, we had made a humar chain of 10 trekkers, still River won race to distruct our balance. A Constant rain added a flavour ot it.
After 4th River crossing, when we reached campsite, our cook was waiting with Tea and Pakoda for us! Tea served as a Shekuti ( campfire) for us. after 15 mins and 3 cups of tea, our sensed became alive and we discussed this river crossing experience for next 1 hr.
But, this experience taught us- "Its all in our mind. Trek is more about mentally than physically".
4) Camping in front of Dudhsagar Waterfall:
This is story from 2014, when Dudhsagar was officially open for tourist and we could do camping in front of Dudhsagar waterfall for 3 times in a month.
That time of year, when Dudhsagar was in trends. we were group of 28 people started our trek from Castle Rock with all camping stuff early morning. it was August month, so Monsoon was at its peak. on the way to Dudhsagar, we found many small to medium waterfalls. clicking pose at each of them, crossing around 14 tunnels, after 4 hrs and 13 km walk, we got our first glimpse of dudhsagar. 
After setting up tents, we had free time and we spent evening at waterfall view. Monsoon was at its peak, continuous rain had poured water in our tent, it was pitch dark as not a single light around. 1 person prepared food ( Dal, Rice, papad) for us.
Best part came when it was around 11.00PM, Full moon Night. We jumped out of our Tent and we realised, why this waterfall was named a 'Dudhsagar'. a Moon Light, khal khal voice of flowing water, and gigantic waterfall, mighty waterfall - 'Dudhsagar'. we were speechless while seeing this view. no one was speaking a bit, everyone was silent and just capturing this view in their eyes. 
It felt like - "Literally Milk was flowing through Mountains".
Now, Night halt at Dudhsagar is restricted, its not possible to witness such view again. but still, it feels like fresh memory when we close eyes.
5) Sea Shell beach at Saint Mary Island:
In 2018, we visited this place twice within 5 months. It shows how much special place was for us!
On our road trip form Pune to Udupi, We spent 2 days at Malpe beach, from where ferry to Saint Mary island is available. 30 mins of Ferry ride dropped us at Saint Mary island. such a beautiful and clean island beach it is! it is named at Sea Shell beach , reason entire island is fiiled with varieties of shells . though its illegal to carry shells back with us, it was very hard to resist from picking up few. On the other side of the island, Rock patch exists where we can play in water and witness beautiful sunset too. 
Permissible time to visit this island is 2 hrs per boat, still even entire day is not enough. Peaceful, Calm Sea, Golden Sand, Shells around, Soft Waves and what not! a best beach we visited in India.
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  1. Posted by Sandeep Khurana| 16 Oct 2020 12:33:PM

    6th - Mango tree 😊 Lo-Bhi 🤗

  2. Posted by Nisha| 12 Apr 2020 04:19:AM

    Your traveled Experience list is really inspiring me to travel more & more . Thank God I was at least the part of one of your best experience. Thank you Jay for sharing this Amazing experience. Do treking and keep sharing.

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