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Tulapur Triveni Sangam

Cycling to TulaPur RiverSide


  • Tulapur Triveni Sangam :
  • Tulapur is 25km away from Magarpatta city.
  • Situated towards Wagoli village, this place has religious as well as Historical Importance.
  • This is the place where 3 rivers meet, and so, it is called Triveni sangam.
  • Historically, Tulapur is the place where Sambhaji Maharaj and his sub Kavi Kalash were brutally killed by Aurangzeb. Their bodies were chopped into pieces and the pieces were thrown alongside the river bank at Sangameshwar. The pieces were collected by the villagers and cremated.
  • Spend 2-3 morning hours at this place and recharge yourself for the remaining Full day.
  • One simple canteen present there to serve you tasty kanda Bhaji.

Triveni Sangam, Pune, Maharashtra 412216


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