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Amritkund Waterfall (A.k.a. Bendewadi Waterfall)

Amritkund Waterfall in the region of Talegao, is special waterfall because of it easily access and naturally carved water stream.


This Route has become very famous for ride as it is close to Pune and resides between Mumbai and Pune. once you take a right turn from Kanhe phata on Pune lonavla highway, series of waterfall start at every 100 mtr. Avoid initial few waterfall as it most of the crowd stops at the initial waterfalls. Go till bendewadi. complete route passes through green farms, parallel to backwater dam and green hills of Sayhadri. 
This waterfall is very different from others in a way, it is completely safe, it offers very different view of cave, waterfall and you can take special water massage, therapy as well. best part, only 5 mins water through farm to reach waterfall. Expect descent crowd.
Distance : 70km from Pune. 



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