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Madheghat waterfall

Madheghat waterfall is seasonal , but huge waterfall, situated in the reason of Torna Road.


In recent time, Madheghat has become very famous as Road condition till that waterfall has improved. road ends to the flat platue on the other side of which Konkan is seen. if you are adventure lover, then you can a trek of Upande ghat to madheghat trek of 3.5 hrs. during trek, you have to cross multiple water streams, River and a dense Jungle. if you want to skip trekking, then feel free to direct land at waterfall with 10 mins of jungle walk.
Playing in waterfall is allowed, but it depends on water and rain pouring on specific day. near the parking, 2-3 local dhaba avaialble for food. Expect crown at this waterfall.
Distance from Pune : 65km.



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